Some things to have handy and keep in mind during the registration process

  • All MGPG vendors must be signed up through NetVendor. If you are not registered with NetVendor we will not be able to generate a payment for you.
  • If you come to our properties it is a $98 annual fee.
  • Make sure you have entered the correct email and phone number for your insurance agent(s). This is how NetVendor will contact them to collect your insurance information.
  • NetVendor will not accept your proof of insurance from anyone other than your insurance agent(s).
  • You will not be compliant with NetVendor until you have completed the NetVendor Registration and your insurance agent(s) have uploaded the required documents.
  • Add [email protected] to your email’s safe list. You will be copied on all correspondence with your agent(s) as it pertains to any document submitted incorrectly to NetVendor.
  • You can login and review the status of your registration at any time.
For Enrollment/Login
Please click
Thank you so much for registering with NetVendor. We look forward to working with you! Thank you for becoming an MG Properties Group Vendor. By becoming compliant through NetVendor you will be able to do work at any of our communities.