MG Properties requires all vendors to register with VendorShield for insurance compliance.

VENDORCafé Sign Up Be sure to provide the required insurance agent information as soon as possible if you are not already a registered MG Vendor. Once you have registered and provided your chemical inventory, your insurance agent(s) will provide VendorShield with the required insurance information. Please note that VendorShield will not accept insurance proof from anyone other than your agent and that there will be a compliance fee prior to submitting your profile.

Contacting your agent(s) separately and asking them to respond to the certificate of insurance requests from VendorShield may expedite your compliance.

Additionally, MG Properties requires all invoices to be submitted digitally via our VENDORCafé service. For your convenience, invoice submission via VENDORCafé is automatically included in your VendorShield account.

More information regarding chemical inventory requirements can be found here.