MG Properties Group’s history traces back to a single investment in a 38 unit apartment property in Vista, California in 1992. Over the subsequent three decades, MGPG has acquired over 146 communities across the western United States. Our current portfolio consists of 21,000 units in California, Washington, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon which are overseen by our 600 employees.

Mark Gleiberman, MGPG’s founder and president, saw an opportunity in the distressed real estate market of the early 1990s. At the time, banks and government entities were liquidating properties and buyers were scarce; particularly for under performing properties requiring physical renovation and improved management. He worked with a small, entrepreneurial team to begin acquiring these properties and renovating them; improving residents’ experiences and providing investors with steadily growing income streams. These early acquisitions fostered an in-house expertise in property management and construction, and a focus on workforce housing which continues to this day.

From 1992 to 2003, MGPG acquired 32 apartment communities totaling more than 2,500 units in San Diego County. As the values of San Diego properties increased, the company expanded into the Inland Empire with the acquisition of 6 new properties comprising 1,764 units. From 2004 to 2007, the company pursued opportunities in Northern California, Phoenix, Seattle and Tucson; all markets with compelling investment attributes. In recent years, properties in Nevada and Oregon have been added to the portfolio.

With each stage of expansion, MGPG has continued its focus on self-managed value-add workforce housing. In most cases, acquisitions have required renovations and operational improvements to make them successful. In some cases, the dramatic improvements made to the properties have been the impetus for the revitalization of surrounding neighborhoods. MGPG has received numerous awards from local communities and industry associations for property renewal and management accomplishments.

Since 2010, MGPG has continued acquiring properties, creating investment opportunities by leveraging our relationships with industry participants, our reputation as a reliable business partner, our ability to acquire the best loan terms and our existing operational portfolio. During the past decade, we have acquired over 80 new properties totaling over 23,000 units in Seattle, Southern California, The Bay Area, Reno, Las Vegas and Oregon. Our current portfolio of over 76 properties has a market value of approximately $5 billion and generates approximately $400 million per year in rental income.