MG Properties – Committed to Sustainability  

At MG Properties, we believe that energy management and sustainable processes enhance the value of our portfolio while preserving the environment and enriching the lives of future generations. We are fundamentally committed to minimizing impacts through continuous improvement of energy performance and sustainable operating practices.  

Corporate Responsibilities: 

Energy: We prioritize the importance of lowering our carbon footprint and leveraging natural resources, therefore many of our communities are equipped with LED lighting, solar water systems, EnergyStar® appliances, and other energy-efficiency efforts. We remain committed to improving our energy efficiency across our portfolio of properties.  

Water: The conservation of water is a key element of our sustainability program. Many of our communities are equipped with offerings to assists in the reduction of unnecessary water consumption, including high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, water-wise landscaping such as Xeroscope/Hardscape, low water plant schemes, and high-efficiency appliances. On-site, our property maintenance teams are dedicated to water leak prevention and work effortlessly to contribute to green initiatives.  

Recycling: Our ongoing commitment to waste reduction remains at the forefront of our green initiative. We strive to reduce our waste through industry-leading recycling, separation programs, composting, resident education, and engagement efforts in all levels of our business practices for complete company buy-in. 

Purchasing: Through the encouragement of waste reduction and the responsible reuse of materials, MG Properties has implemented sustainable purchasing practices throughout our communities and corporate offices. The introduction of recycling high content recycled flooring materials, carpet pads, and other reduction efforts benefit our residents, employees, and the earth.  

Property Management: Through in-house training, resident functions, social media, and ongoing marketing efforts, MG Properties puts sustainably at the forefront of resident lifestyles and community business practices by engaging in awareness and education programs. 

Health: We simultaneously improve the health of our buildings and resident lifestyles by using wellness-inspired amenities, low and Zero-VOC paints and materials, walkable community designs, bike-shared communities, and environmentally friendly products across all regions.